A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 30 - Doubt

Chapter 30: Doubt

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The banquet started with all the members of the school assembled in the hall. The most eye-catching part of the banquet was the magnificent stage. The school’s most excellent alumni, who were A-list stars that were hard to see, would present their best performances.

“Shen Ziqian! Shen Ziqian!”

“Shangguan Ying! Shangguan Ying!”

The audience yelled out the names of the stars with posters in their hands; some fans even fought each other over the good seats.

Liu Sijie didn’t know until late that Shen Chengjing’s script had been changed and she had to play Shen Ziqian’s maid. On top of that, she had to do it without a costume because it had been cut to pieces.

“Cheng! Let’s go to your mentor.”

“Stop! I’ve figured out what to do. She wants to humiliate me, but she won’t succeed.”

Hearing her words, Li Sijie was still doubtful.

Time flew by, and it was time for their performance.

At this moment, a tall figure walked over. Her exquisite heart-shaped face was expressionless except for the coldness in her upward-slanting eyes. The strapless blue gown accentuated her perfect curves while the pretty flowing hair lent her a trace of mysteriousness.

“Shangguang Ying?” Shen Chengjing watched her walk over in excitement.

As a famous model, Shangguang Ying was almost as popular as Shen Ziqian.

Hearing her voice, Shangguang Ying paused and glanced at her. Without a word, she walked past Shen Chengjing and entered the stage.

At this moment, the banquet had reached its climax. After Shangguang Ying went down the stage, Shen Ziqian walked slowly to the center of the stage with some people. The audience whispered among themselves as they saw that Shen Chengjing was playing the role of Shen Ziqian’s maid; it appeared like the biggest joke in the world.

“You shameless b*tch, you even tried to seduce my man behind my back, huh? You can tell me if you want a man; there are lots of excellent men out there for you to choose. But you stole my man. You didn’t behave as a mistress and tried to push me over the edge. You deserve to die.” Pointing at Shen Chengjing in fury, Shen Ziqian raised a hand to slap her.

However, Shen Chengjing caught her hand before Shen Ziqian could hit her.

She didn’t expect that Shen Ziqian would change her lines, which would change the entire story. All of Shen Chengjing’s lines and acts were all altered. Sure enough, Shen Ziqian wanted to humiliate her in front of the audience.

“Haha. I never wanted to fight you over anything! You made your scheme sound so grand. You killed my family and got married in my name but later found that I’m still alive. Who is the schemer and who is the mistress? People are not stupid. But you! You can never disguise your evil heart no matter how hard you tried,” she pointed at Shen Ziqian as she said those words. Then she swung Shen Ziqian’s hand away, and Shen Ziqian almost fell.

Shen Ziqian hadn’t expected that Shen Chengjing would do this. After the initial shock, she quickly recovered from her surprise.

“You!” She pointed at Shen Chengjing, and she didn’t get the chance to speak.

Boom! The stage suddenly turned bright.  Her dress was on fire!

“Do you want to burn yourself? No way.” Shen Chengjing ran over but found that it was a real fire.

Shen Ziqian’s face paled as the fire burned. “Ahh! Help! I’m on fire. Help!”

Forgetting to maintain her image, she kept jumping like a clown and even broke her high heels. She dropped to the floor and crawled.

Someone came up with a bucket of water at this moment and poured it on her.

The intense burning smell reached the audience, and they dared not move, not knowing if it was part of the play or real. But they had never seen Shen Ziqian so disheveled before.

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