A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 29 - Offending the wrong people

Chapter 29: Offending the wrong people

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In the principal’s office, Moh Yanchen sat on the sofa while the principal stood before him timidly without a straight back; he looked like a slave waiting for his master’s orders.


“Yes, Mr. Moh. What can I do for you?” The principal bowed and didn’t dare to wipe his sweat even though his thick sweater was drenched.

“What was the matter today?”

Moh Yanchen lit a cigar and took a big puff. While blowing out rings of smoke, he asked the question casually, but his entire presence became even colder.

The temperature in the office seemed to drop several degrees as if they were inside a freezer.

“Mr. Moh, here is what happened. A student behaved badly and became a mistress; she even tried to steal another woman’s boyfriend. As you know, the Shen Family is an influential family, and we can’t afford to offend them. So, for the sake of the school’s reputation, we decided to expel the ill-behaved student,” the principal said in a shaky voice as if his heart was being pierced by thousands of knives when he spoke; it was tough for him.

“Do you mean Shen Chengjing?” Wu Hao interrupted.

The principal didn’t understand Moh Yanchen’s intention even though he had gotten two punches. Since he wasn’t sure why these two people came here, he didn’t know whether to say yes or no.

“Yes,” after careful consideration, he answered in a deep voice.

After standing up slowly, Moh Yanchen strode over and looked down on him, saying, “I heard that my family put in about 10 million yuan each year in this art school, but…” he continued in a low voice, “The investment will be cut off.”

These words sentenced the school to death.

If the Moh Family withdrew funding, then no one in A City would dare to fund the school.

“Mr. Moh, please don’t.” Terrified, the principal knelt before him. If the school closed while he was the principal, he’d become the culprit. Furthermore, he wouldn’t be able to make a living in A City.

Moh Yanchen strode out of the office without a word. The principal tried to grab his arm but was stopped by Wu Hao.

“Mr. Moh, please. Please help me!” The principal’s pathetic voice came from the office. Wu Hao grabbed him by the collar and said something to him in a low voice before walking out after Moh Yanchen.

They walked to the Land Rover and drove away. They came and left like a swift wind, and no one knew who they were. But the principal had called him “Mr. Moh”, which gave people an idea.

The surname Moh was rare in A City, and the Moh Family was a powerful and well-known family.

The principal couldn’t stop shivering, knowing that he had offended the people he couldn’t afford to offend for Shen Ziqian. Full of regrets, he dragged his feet out of the office, looking crestfallen.

Meanwhile, Shen Chengjing pulled Liu Sijie to a quiet place and only let go of her then.

“He’s your man, right?” Liu Sijie was uncertain because the real person looked a bit different from the photo; he had such a dominant presence.

“Yep.” Shen Chengjing nodded, still surprised by his appearance.

Liu Sijie looked down and tugged at the coat that Shen Chengjing had on. “A pure hand-made military coat. He’s rich.”

“Your man made you look good today. He didn’t even spare Shen Ziqian a glance. That was so gratifying,” Liu Sijie continued.

Shen Chengjing didn’t think about that; she was only happy that Moh Yanchen hadn’t told people about their relationship, otherwise she would be the focus of gossip again.

“Tell me the truth; who is he?”

“He’s a military man,” Shen Chengjing said honestly.

“A military man? Impossible. Maybe an officer? I’ve never seen him before. Where does he live?”

“Moh Park.” The moment Shen Chengjing said that, Liu Sijie dropped to the ground with her eyes rolling into her head, mumbling, “Moh Park. He lives in Moh Park.”

Moh Park was a high-end residence in A City, and no one dared to get within a couple hundreds of meters of it. She had gazed at it from a distance a few times…

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