A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 24 - All Kinds of Provocations

Chapter 24: All Kinds of Provocations

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On the next day, Shen Chengjing got up early and changed into a long sweater, tight-fitting pants, short black boots, and a blue coat. She looked young and fresh.

With her bag on her back, she went downstairs and saw Moh Yanchen sitting in the living room.


“Eat breakfast,” he said in a dominating tone, allowing no objections.

After breakfast, Moh Yanchen said he would be driving by her school and dropped her off outside the campus. They were silent during the ride, and she continued playing on her cellphone.

“Today, my school will be celebrating its establishment,” she said in a low voice as she turned to look at his handsome profile.


They remained silent until the car stopped before the school. She got out of the car and said, “Uncle, see you later.”

He didn’t answer. He drove away after taking a call.

Shen Chengjing stood still and watched the car drive away before turning around and getting ready to enter the school. She saw a few students standing behind her with their arms crossed in front of their chests as if they were waiting to watch a good drama. Having seen their comments in the chatroom last night, she knew what they wanted to say.

“Wow. Shen Chengjing, have you gotten yourself a sugar daddy? Or did you rent the car to keep your status up?” Zhou Qing said the barbed words boldly.

“Young Master Mo dumped you; you must be devastated. After going out with you for one year, he probably slept with you already. I guess he’s tired and doesn’t find any novelty in you. Poor girl.” Lan Chu joined the fun.

These two girls had always disliked her, and they were eager to mock her to make themselves feel better now that she was dumped.

“You all sound so jealous. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you two were Mo Yongqiang’s mistresses. It’s just sour grapes.” She sneered and walked past them.

How would they let her walk by? They walked up and blocked her way.

At this moment, a black Benz drove up. Dressed in a brand-new gown, Shen Ziqian got out of the car grandly with delicate makeup as if she was about to walk on the red carpet, looking quite coquettish. She glanced at the people around her and rested her gaze on Shen Chengjing.

“Senior Sister is here.” At this moment, many students swarmed up to greet her, trying to get on Shen Ziqian’s good side.

Shen Ziqian was two years older than Shen Chengqing. Today was the school’s anniversary, and many alumni would come back and celebrate it, enjoying admiration from the students. Shen Ziqian was no exception.

“Senior Sister, you’re so beautiful. Can I have a photo with you?” Some young fans looked at her in envy.

At this moment, Mo Yongqiang got out of the car and took her small hand, walking up slowly like a loving couple. They stopped in front of Shen Chengqing.

“Wow, a good drama is about to unfold.” The onlookers yelled and took out their cellphones to record.

Gossip was always the most popular pastime in the arts schools.

“Chengjing, why are you dressed like this? People who don’t know much might think that our Shen Family has decayed and has no money to buy clothes for you.” Pointing at Shen Chengjing’s clothes, Shen Ziqian said in disdain, “You always liked to wear my old clothes, but unfortunately, I donated all of them to charity. Otherwise, I’d bring you one.”

Her words were harsh. She mocked Shen Chengjing for dressing worse than those orphans living in the villages in remote mountains. She said Shen Chengjing couldn’t even wear her old clothes.

“Let’s go in.” Mo Yongqiang looked at Shen Chengjing with complicated feelings.

He had tried to sleep with her twice, but she escaped both times. During the last time, she even cut herself to get away from him. This was the biggest insult to him as a man.

“Okay,” Shen Ziqian said softly. Taking his arm, she was about to walk past Shen Chengjing, then she seemed to suddenly remember something and said, “By the way, we’re getting married. I hope you’ll be my bridesmaid.”

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